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Vintage Wedding Cars

Escaping to a different time

In a time where everything is so fast paced and urgent, simplicity and elegance can sometimes seem like things of a bygone era, qualities of a lost time. However, getting back to a simpler time of traditional romance and class is a real escape from the complexities of modern life and when better to escape than on your wedding day?

Vintage-inspired weddings have become a popular trend in recent years and it’s not too hard to see why. Whether you opt for the muted glamour of the 1930s, the fitted clean lines of the 1950s or the vibrant colours and styles of the 1960s, a vintage wedding enables you to capture your special day in a time capsule, forever allowing it to stand as a magical, memorable day, away from your regular life.

Time travel exists

For as long as simple, effortless glamour is on trend (let’s face it, when won’t it be?), vintage weddings will always be a popular, memorable choice of special day. Getting it right is about tackling each individual detail separately while thinking about how those details will look in the big picture.

Treat yourself, your partner and your guests to a truly unique wedding by making them forget the stresses of their 21st century lives for a day. Time travel exists and you can hire it for your wedding day.

Travel in style

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding transport options but with vintage weddings, it’s important that the transport you choose fits your theme.

Vintage-style wedding cars are a fantastic way to step back in time from the moment you set foot outside your front door -or the door of wherever you’re getting dressed. Travel to your venue in luxurious comfort while keeping your dress and shoes clean and protected from the elements.

You’ll also enjoy a unique tour of the surrounding area while being whisked back to a decade that you love. What could be more relaxing just before you say your vows?

Finding the old world

Location is a huge decision for any wedding but for a vintage wedding, it’s even more key. To capture the glamour and the true essence of your chosen era, your wedding venue has to have a certain atmosphere that will allow you to take your guests back in time.

Stately homes and castles nestled amongst green landscapes are popular choices for vintage weddings because they have the kind of luxurious, indulgent spirit that is ideal for instant time travel. The grounds also make for beautiful, romantic photography that can be edited and stylised to reflect the period.

Take your time picking your ideal vintage wedding venue because finding that perfect old-school aura will set the whole day off to a thoroughly immersive, magical experience.

Choosing your era

Each decade of the 20th century has its own signature trends and getting these details spot on is essential for fully transporting you and your guests back to the period of your choice. From fashion and beauty trends to interior décor, transport and food choices, thoroughly researching the decade of your wedding and marrying up (ha!) all of the day’s components will make for a truly immersive experience.

If you opt for the 1920s or 1930s, think simple colours and designs with flecks of sparkle. This is the decade of old Hollywood glamour and tiny intricate details. Consider flapper girl style dresses, an early limousine and understated gold accents on your décor.

If the sophisticated prom era of the 1950s is more your bag, consider opting for a princess dress, a classic car and a gorgeous pastel colour palette.

The 1960s were all about taking things easy in cute shift dresses, sleek cruiser cars and bright colours that celebrated the laid-back aura of the decade.

It’s important that you really love the period that you’re trying to emulate. Think about what decade your passion lives in and then go big!

Remembering the unique details

Of course, your vintage wedding should reflect the couple themselves. Put as much of you and your shared experiences into the day as possible.

Vintage weddings offer the perfect opportunity to showcase and honour family heirlooms from the period. Make them an essential part of the décor or wedding outfit because that little touch of authenticity will do wonders for your theme.

Do your research on things like crockery and table decorations of the era and see if you can locate some great replicas if you can’t find the real thing. Consider things like old suitcases with pieces of parchment instead of a guestbook, so your guests can leave you lovely messages or dainty cake stands at the dessert buffet. These little details will all help evoke the vintage atmosphere.

Your vintage wedding is yours. Make it as unique as you!


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